CSCL Globe, the largest reefer transporting containers on the planet, with 400 metres overall length by 59 metres beam, and capacity for 19,100 20ft. containers, has already left Europe on its maiden voyage from Shanghai, the home port of the shipping company that it serves, China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL).

CSCL Globe will not be sporting the title of the giant of the latest generation of megaships for very long, since CSCL has commissioned a total of five ships of these characteristics. Other shipping agents, such as SinoShip, already have orders in the pipeline that surpass the capacity of this vessel. The fact is that the efficiency of this type of ship involves a considerable advantage for shipping companies since, in terms of traditional vessels, they consume 50% less in fuel, while they also reduce costs in personnel and insurance.

Although this vessel is just one more step among the latest substantial steps forward in engineering, it is unquestionable that CSCL Globe is a landmark in sea transport, a sector closely linked to ours.